Welcome to MuscleProt!

The data dashboard for skeletal muscle proteome-wide systems genetics.

MuscleProt is the interactive data dashboard accompanying the study: Proteome -wide systems genetics analysis identifies UFMylation as a regulator of muscle function. MuscleProt is accessible via muscle.coffeeprot.com

How to use

To visualize the data, navigate to the protein analysis or trait analysis tabs in the sidebar. After selecting either tab, a select protein/trait input box will appear, allowing you to select a target of interest. Once a target has been selected, all associated results will appear on the page. MuscleProt shows interactive plots and in some cases a second target can be selected to show its association with the first target (e.g. scatterplot, pQTL-traitQTL Manhattan plot). All results are based on the analysis parameters as used in the publication, and are described in the about sections of each result box.

Further reading

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MuscleProt can produce Manhattan plots for your selected protein (pQTL tab), or a mirrored Manhattan plot for the selected protein and a trait of interest (pQTL-traitQTL tab). The mirrored plot allows you to check whether a correlated protein-trait pair are associated with the same SNPs. Please select a protein and (optional) trait to plot. Only pQTLs will be shown if no trait is selected. Selections can be reset using the backspace key.